Animating Tutorial

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Animating Tutorial

Post  SeanRaider87 on Fri Nov 19, 2010 10:16 pm

1. Open the Sprite Sheet on Microsoft Paint and Zoom In. Select the Box Tool on the Top Right of the Tool Box and then Draw a Box around the Sprite you want to Animate to Start the Animation off.

2. You should have Beneton minimized. Open Beneton and Paste the Frame like so:

3. Once pasted, then copy the pasted Image.

4. Then Paste it like so:

5. Then go back to the Sprite Sheet and Copy the Next Frame.

6. Open Beneton and then Click the Edit Button:

7. Press CTRL+V to Paste on-top of the Frame like so:

8. When Done, Click The Green "Tick" on the top to Confirm. Please Read this Image Now(The Red Text.):

9. Make Transparent Like So:

10. Change the Time. 10 Centiseconds Per Frame Works best for me.

11. Then Save The Image.

To Add more frames repeat steps 5-8.

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